Looking for Adventure

Two people building a life together have found a way to combine adventure with being settled as they embark upon a lifetime of discovery. They might see their normal life as a measured rut, but they are willing to get through it for the future rewards it will bring. When they contemplate going on a honeymoon, they are looking for adventure they feel they will never find at home. Some of them could be greatly disappointed at the end of their trip, but others might find there is more adventure away from home than they ever want to see again.

Many couples choose exotic locations for their special holiday, but their lack of knowledge can lead them astray. They might dream of peaceful walks on a tropical beach, but sand fleas could turn it into a evening of itchiness bad enough to consult a local doctor. For those who look at pictures of amazing tropical waters, learning how to walk in them is important to avoid being stung by a hidden manta ray below the surface.

Travel to other parts of the world has become more affordable, but there are still no available guarantees that the weather will cooperate. A couple taking a cruise might find a hurricane is included at no extra charge, but the severe rocking motion of the boat can cause them to feel ill. It is not much fun to be trapped inside an ocean liner when few of the guests are able to even dine.

There are many ways an adventure can turn sour, but making the best of the situation can help a couple find what they are seeking. They might need to avoid the local beaches and ocean, but they could find a trip to the interior will help them discover the ruins of a lost civilization. Finding good guides and bringing along their survival kits could make it the trip of a lifetime for both of them.