A Delayed Honeymoon


Rekindling Old Feelings

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Looking for Adventure

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Regenerating An Old Relationship

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Coping With The Aftermath

For those returning from a honeymoon they planned on for years, their normal life might turn into a major disappointment. The recollection of dreams and...

There are couples with few monetary resources when they get married, so they may put off a special trip right after the wedding. Some of them will plan it for the future, but the intervening years could see them too busy or overwhelmed with bills to do more than dream. A delayed honeymoon can become an issue between them, but some will finally find the time and money to finally go off together as a couple.

Being able to take time away from work and home can be an exhilarating experience for the pair, but they should keep their dreams in check. While it could be the trip of a lifetime, it will not solve all their issues in just a week or two. Living together might have taught them how to compromise and economize, but it might have never taught them that there will be times when they are disappointed even as a couple.